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IP-Israeli Partner of GISI

IP- International Protection was founded by Israeli agents with more than 15 years of high-level security experience. after serving in elite units of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF); the founders were recruited by the Israeli Secret Service (ISS) to serve in its top unit - the National Dignitary Protection unit (NDP).
Few were posted later on in charge of security for Israeli airport stations and embassies throughout the world.
They were responsible for the lives of the most important international figures, such as the prime minister of Israel, the presidents of United States and France, The King of Jordan, the Pope and many more.
Along with there duties they been responsible for the safety of sport and culture delegations like the philharmonic orchestra, national sport teams and youth delegations.

IP- International protection is proudly seeing its workers the most important core competence of the company. As we cannot compromise our workers pass a strict clearance, and they are all highly experienced. The company's training methodology is based on very experienced instructors in various fields that gain their experience as the ISS or NDP trainers and instructors.


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Security School
Security Services
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